You've probably read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

You're reading about how real estate is how the 1% made their money. How this is the opportune time to do real estate because the markets are changing. 

You bought into Fortune Builders, Epic Pro Academy, or Elite Legacy. All promising education that will grant you financial freedom.

Only to find out that, this stuff is harder than it appears to be and the connections and network you thought you had are not panning out. You may have lost on some big money or lost a few people along the way.

So what to do? 

Our mentorship program is not for the faint of heart. And it does cost. The basis of cashflow is not for it to sit in your hand but for it to constantly to be moving, thus why it is called cash flow. But every single individual that has come out of our program was successful in striking deals and creating more cash flow. While it can be done, and you can be successful, the key ingredient is the grit of follow through and constant showing up. 

If you are interested in wholesale, fix and flip, traditional listings, or creative financial solutions our team members have specialized in those specific fields and have developed true and tested ways that provide results each and every time. 

For those interested please send an email to [email protected] to begin the application process. 




 Our next event is this Thursday, August 12th 2021 | Time: 7 PM 

Where: Met Business Center

315 N Shary Rd, Mission, TX 78572 

Face Masks not required but are encouraged. 


Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, our RGV Real Estate Investors Club can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it.

Why Join the RGV REIC?
Build Wealth, Achieve Financial Freedom, Retire Early, and Secure Your Family Legacy.


Connect with like-minded investors and top real estate professionals. Build your team of business partners and network with experienced investors to increase your net worth.


Attend our monthly educational events to learn the most profitable strategies in investing today. A mix of local and national speakers are screened year-round to ensure exceptional content at every event.


Join today for exclusive access to member benefits including discounts, deal funding, consulting & mentoring services, and so much more! Membership has privileges.

You and your family safety is the #1 concern for us. As we adapt to the ever changing COVID 19 Pandemic, we are still following CDC Regulations and abiding to all regulations as we adapt to the new norm. From our family to yours, we wish you and your family the best.